HAUS LEGAL offers to provide e-consultations by sending to us the description of your situation by filling the form below. You can apply for e-consultation also by sending information to info@haus.lv, especially if you want to add some documents.

HAUS LEGAL specialists will review your situation within 1-2 business days and will send you the answer about the price of e-consultation. Your situation review will be processed free of charge. If you will accept the e-consultation offer, after the receipt of prepayment, you will receive to your e-mail the e-consultation (including drafts of documents, if you have ordered such).

Advantages of e-consulting are: 

1. Time economy, no need for meetings;

2. You will have the opinion of independent lawyers with the proposed solution of the situation, so you will be able to compare it, possibly with the solution, which you already have, ascertaining the quality, correctness, reasonableness of the existing solution, anticipated / unexpected risks (for example, the quality of the contract already reviewed).