For residence permits for foreigners, who are investing in real estate, share capital, bank deposits, appointed as officials in Latvian companies, foreign representations in Latvia, HAUS LEGAL conducts an analysis of the situation, offers to the client the optimal and fastest solution for obtaining a residence permit, if necessary by finding a real estate and/or company, that meets the client's requirements, ensuring full due dilligence.

All you need is to inform HAUS LEGAL about the type of real estate you need, the approximate value, the desired ROI and NOI coefficients, if the purpose after the purchase of the property is to rent it and/or the basic data of the company, which is expected to buy (industry, desired turnover, profitability, etc.).

proceeding of residence permits (FOREIGN EMPLOYEES)

Considering the labor shortage in Latvia, which accounts for about 20%, and the willingness of foreign citizen to work abroad - in Latvia and in other European countries, we have developed new activities direction – full service paperwork/proceeding of residence permits, to ensure legal work of foreigners in Latvian companies. Our work includes a complete set of services:

1. Consultancies for the employer and employee;

2. Drawing up of invitations, according to the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Latvia;

3. Translation of documents, certifying of translations;

4. Organization of visits to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA), 3 times in total;

5. Representing the Client's interests in OCMA;

6. Evaluation of compliance of documents sent by employees;

7. Preparation of labour contracts in several languages with additional provisions applicable to employment of foreigners in accordance with the requirements of OCMA and regulatory enactments;

8. Coordination of the payments of state fees;

9. Arranging of adequate insurance;

10. Med. doc. coordination;

11. Advice on issues of residence / declaration in Latvia;

12. Coordination of employee transition from one employer to another employer.

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