How it works

First stage:
The company evaluates how many employees are needed, in what professions and for what period of time (short-term, long-term jobs or for permanent work). The company communicates with HAUS LEGAL, agrees on co-operation, HAUS LEGAL creates job advertisements, preparing them according to the requirements legal acts of Latvia and publishes them.

Second stage:
The company looks for a suitable employee abroad (this can be done here), communicates with the employee, agrees on working conditions (by email, skype, telephone, whatsapp, etc.).

Third stage:
The company informs HAUS LEGAL about the number of employees selected, concludes a cooperation agreement with HAUS LEGAL on employee paperwork/proceeding services, at the same time settling issues related to the employees' residence in Latvia. If necessary, HAUS LEGAL will provide advice, prepare the necessary documents related to the conclusion of the lease agreements (for example, a contract between the company and the lessor or worker and the lessor), without additional charge.

Fourth stage:
HAUS LEGAL communicates with selected employees and the company, informs about necessary documents to be sent to HAUS LEGAL for residence permits; upon receipt of the documents, HAUS LEGAL prepares all the necessary documents, informs both the company and the company about the further activities (state fees, documents, etc.).

Fifth stage:
HAUS LEGAL books the time for submitting of the documents for the approval of the invitation to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA), on the basis of the authorization given by the company.

Sixth stage:
Depending on the chosen form of stay (the visa or temporary residence permit) carries out work with the selected employee, by instructing him / her on the activities to be carried out to obtain a visa (at the embassy abroad) or a residence permit at the OCMA, by explaining in detail the package of documents to be submitted to the embassy or OCMA.

Seventh stage:
HAUS LEGAL prepares a specialized labour contract with a employee to be submitted to the OCMA.

Eighth stage:
After receipt of work visa or a temporary residence permit and concluding a labour contract, the employee may start to work at the company.