Costs (proceeding of employees from foreign countries)

Direct costs:

Residence permit (1-5 years): state fees, insurance, med.doc.: EUR 250 - EUR 350 (depending on the chosen term of processing);

Working visa (90 days): state fees, insurance EUR 170 - EUR 200

HAUS LEGAL services costs:

Costs for HAUS LEGAL services are evaluated depending on the amount of processed employees (in one order) and from which countries. The estimation is provided to the client after receipt of the mentioned information.

Time frame

If the company (or HAUS LEGAL) has published a job advertisement for the relevant vacancy, according to the procedure, prescribed by the regulations and has passed 30 days, then the total term of the residence permit will take 25 - 40 days (depending on the amount of the paid state fee), and for the working visa +/- 17 days.

If the company has not published the job advertisement for the respective vacancy, according to the procedure prescribed by the regulations, 30 days must be added to the indicated terms.

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